101 in 1001

Thanks to inspiration from a few different ladies (Katie, Alyssa, and Katelyn) I have decided to create my own list of 101 things in 1001 days! This is such an awesome idea and I'm very excited to document this with you all! 101 in 1001 is basically a list of 101 things you hope to accomplish in the next 2.75 years!
(12/101 completed)

Start date; February 15, 2016

End date; September 30, 2018

Have a photoshoot with my friends
Decide a college major (I'm at a branch campus of OSU studying education)
Get accepted into a college
Perfect my macarons
Go on a hike
Visit 5 new cafes(0/5)
Meet my step goal for a whole month
Go 3 months without pop
Graduate high school
Visit New York City  (I've actually been twice now)
Go out of the country (4/16)
Post on Instagram every day for a month
Donate blood (This ended in a blown out vein and a nasty bruise)
Buy designer sunglasses (3/16)
Buy a designer purse
Do 3 more collabs with other bloggers(1/3)
Host an Instagram giveaway
Be an expert with my camera
See Taylor Swift in Concert (BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE EVER)
Have a penpal 
Meet 3 internet friends in real life(0/3)
Turn 18 
Leave someone a 100% tip
Save half of my paychecks for 3 months
Sell my pig for 1000 dollars
Buy my own URL
Learn how to network my blog
Attend NYFW
Learn how to french braid (correctly)
Go back to Chicago
Eat Laurdee macarons
Travel to Europe
Rescue a Kitten (3/16)
Drive downtown all by myself
Vote in an election
Get my photos published 
Take a photography class
Learn how to use photoshop
Learn how to sew with a sewing machine
Pay it forward ten times (0/10)
See a Broadway musical (Matlida and Fiddler on the roof)
Post on the blog once a week for three months
Get my standing tuck solid on a track (This will never happen as I am finished cheering)
Run a mile in under ten minutes, without stopping to cry
Plant my own peonies
Meet Danielle in real life
Go a month without tea/ caffeine
Cut off my long hair (4/16) I didn't cut it completely, but it is shorter
Pay for my own gas for a month
Get an internship with a company
Read 10 new books(0/10)
 Learn how to ski
Go to prom (4/16)
Buy a longchamp tote
Go to the capital 
Begin the plans for my own company
Go a month without wearing leggings (In public)
Graduate with a 3.8 GPA (I was so proud of myself for this one)
Buy a designer piece 
Go to brunch with my friends
Learn how drive stick
Get 1000 Instagram followers
Get 2000 Instagram Follower
Create a blog twitter (Follow it HERE)
Inspire someone to begin blogging
Sleep without my TV on
Read before I go to bed
Have a professional do my makeup (On junior prom 4/16)
Learn how to make the perfect over easy egg
Go on a cruise
Go to Disney Land
Send care packages
Go ziplining
Get my eyebrows threaded
Start sending thank you cards
Add a 'pin it' button to the photos on my blog
Apply to an Art school (Toured one and I absolutely hated it)
Meet one of my favorite Youtubers
Buy Kendra scott earrings(4/5/16)
Tory. Burch. Flats.
See a shark
Take my camera with me and take more pictures
Swim in the pond (First day of Summer! 5/16)
Go snorkling
Go to the west coast
Throw a surprise party
Bake without recipes
Get into OSU main campus (Sadly I'm just at an OSU branch campus, damn you ACT scores)
Take a spontaneous roadtrip (NY with my dad 6/16)
Go to the Lilly warehouse sale
Send flowers to someone just because
Make my bed every morning for a month
Buy a KJP bracelet 
Take a handwriting class (With my sisters 3/16)
Start writing a book
Go paddle boarding
Go to a new state (NY and NJ 6/16)
See the eiffel tower
Go to a concentration camp
Buy a Lilly shift
Let a highschool teacher know what a change they made in my life  (Thank you Alexander!!)


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